• Drupal Insert View Module

    What is the Insert View module?

    The Insert View module is a Drupal module that allows site developers to insert a view inside a node using a simple tag

    What features does the Insert View module offer?

    The Insert View module supports many nice features including:

    • The ability to insert a view inside a node with a simple tag such as [view: viewname]
    • The ability to pass arguments to the view with a syntax like [view: viewname==arg1]
    • The ability to limit the number of enteries returned by the view using a syntax like [view: viewname=x] where x is the number of entries
    • The ability to choose a certain view display with a syntax like [view: viewname=displayname]
    • The ability to include itself in any place (not just nodes) that accepts Input Formats, which gives the capabilities to insert views in any part of the drupal site that accepts standard Input Formats

    Steps to Install and Configure the Insert View module:

    1. Download the module from http://drupal.org/project/insert_view

    2. Also download the view module from http://drupal.org/project/views

    3. Extract the 2 modules and copy their directories to the sites/all/modules directory on your site

    4. Enable the Insert View, Views and Views UI modules

    Enable the Insert View module

    5. You then need to configure the Input Format that you will use to insert views, navigate to yourdomain.com/admin/settings/filters

    Configure the input formats to use insert views


    6. Click the configure link near the input format you will use to insert your views, and select the insert views filter

    Select the insert views filter in the input format


    7. You then need to figure out the name of the view you want to insert, navigate to yourdomain.com/admin/build/views and copy the view name

    Copy the view name you want to insert


    8. Add or edit the node you want to add the view to, then select the Input format that you configured for the insert views filter

    Select the proper input format for insert view


    9. Add the Insert View tag where u want it at the node body in the form of [view: viewname] and paste the viewname you copied before

    Insert the view into the node body

    10. After you save the node you can see that the view content is rendered in the place of the Insert View tag

    The view is rendered in place if the insert view tag

    As you can see the Insert View module comes very handy when u need to add a view anywhere you can use Input Formats

    I hope you enjoyed this Module Preview and stay tuned for more to come

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